Saturday, December 31, 2011

Red Red Wine

If you love red, red wine
you'll love OxiClean
The great, if not easy to poke fun of, Neil Diamond wrote and recorded "Red Red Wine" in 1968. It was more famously covered by UB40 in 1983. Whether you like this song or prefer one version over the other I'm most certain you would NOT like red, red wine spilled on your NYE outfit.

Many of us will be imbibing in red wine on NYE and spills happen people! You already know the party spillers you'll be surrounded by so do your best to keep your distance from the spiller, unless the spiller is you! More importantly if a spill happens make sure you have OxiClean, a fashionista's best friend, close at hand. No, OxiClean is not a sponsor of Style Cents but man does Style Cents love that OxiClean!

Drink your red wine, have a happy and safe new year, keep your OxiClean in your back pocket (okay, that would actually be a fashion faux pas, but keep nearby) and you'll Love What You Wear!

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