Monday, February 27, 2012

You've Got A Friend

These are good friends!
Oh, how I love both James Taylor's and Carole King's version of "You've Got a Friend". Carole wrote and released it in 1971 and James covered it that same year.

After hosting an old friend for the weekend I got to thinking about friendships, especially the well seasoned ones. The kind of friends you have so much history with you could string together all the stories you share for days without pause. As I put my friend on the train today to head back to his reality and I to mine I had to smile thinking how we just made new memories to add to the long list.

A good friend can't be beat. We all have good friends in our closet too. Those go-to pieces that give us confidence. Perhaps these friends do some disguising where disguising is most desired. Or maybe we love them because we remember fun memories we had while wearing them (these can be dangerous if that's all they provide!). I have owned a pair of boots for nine years and they are still in heavy rotation. I look at them and think how I love wearing them- they're comfortable and cute and just right. Kind of like an old friend.

When you need an extra boost of confidence or just something you can rely on, turn to the friends in your closet. When you do You'll Love What You Wear!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen Are In Seattle

Okay, so the song is really just called "Seattle" but I love that line of the song so much I had to use it. Remember the show "Here Come The Brides"? The song "Seattle" was released for this program in 1968 by Perry Como. I loved watching the re-runs and I love hearing this old song.

It's true isn't it? The bluest skies you'e ever seen really are in Seattle. We forget that sometimes. We also forget that when the skies aren't blue there are some stylish reasons to be happy.

Here are my top five reasons to love a gloomy, chilly Seattle day:

  1. Boots- Who doesn't love a great pair of boots? Good with jeans, dresses and skirts. A Seattle staple!
  2. Sweaters- Love me a merino wool v-neck! A cozy accessory canvas.
  3. Scarves- Bold and bulky or sweet and silky. You can never have too many of these neck warmers.
  4. Leggings- So comfy and warm and super duper with tunics and long sweaters. It feels like you're wearing snugly jammies instead of a stylish ensemble.
  5. Jeans- In this town all you need are a few good pair! From skinnies to bootcut to trouser styles, there's a pair for every Seattle occasion. I'm biased toward the skinny myself. 
When the bluest skies you've ever seen can't be seen in Seattle remember there are lots of stylish reasons to love the gloom. Concentrate on your top five cold weather favorites and you'll Love What You Wear!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello Again

The fabulous Amos Lee released "Hello Again" early in 2011. Not only is this song great, the whole album is top notch- one of my all time faves. In the world of fashion it seems like we are saying hello again to lots of styles we remember from our past. Namely the 70's and 80's trends just keep on showing up and I love it!

Say "hello again" to color
blocking, lace, groovy
looks and bright colors
Why not consider saying hello again to these trends:

  • Bohemian Chic- Think Little House on the Prairie meets Stevie Nicks (not as mind bending as you might think). Bohemian styles with homespun elements like crochet/macrame, lace, distressed leather, desert florals and turquoise are all part of this look.
  • Disco Diva- Ode to Studio 54! Try sizzling satin, asymmetrical designs, shoulder cutouts with a rich jewel tone palate. Top it off with shoulder duster earrings and platforms and you'll be one step closer to understanding the mysterious Andy Warhol!
  • Color Blocking- Love it or leave it on dresses, tops and tunics- this trend is alive and well.
Some fashionistas are subtle and some are daring, if these hello again styles scare you think of more modified versions. Whatever your style, try saying, "hello again" to these trends from decades past. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Element of Surprise

These bold bangles are great
for adding the element of
surprise to most any outfit!
The rapper E-40 released his single "The Element of Surprise" in 1998. Proceed with caution if you dare listen to this profanity laden rap nugget. Can't say I recommend it but I can say I recommend employing the element of surprise in your style.

Those people who use the element of surprise in what they wear project confidence and originality. So what can you do to create this look? The first thing to avoid is a matchy-matchy look. When you find yourself perfectly matched try to find an accessory that adds a new color, pattern or texture to the mix, breaking up the monotony. When you have a very tailored look going throw on a casual denim jacket or funky boot to amplify your originality. Play with colors- if you have a lot of blue in your ensemble finish if off with a chunky yellow, orange or animal print bangle.

Adding surprising and funky elements to your outfit can be done overtly or very subtly. Know thyself and proceed with your element of surprise accordingly. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Black Sandals

Comfy and cute (by Camper)
 for everyday summer fun!
Also comes in black :)
Could there by a better song title than "Little Black Sandals"? Love the title and the song sung by Sia. Definitely worth a listen. And while we're speaking of little black sandals, it reminds me that most every client I've worked with has a sandal deficit. While I realize the Seattle sandal season is short, it's still a necessary element in any woman's wardrobe.

Many of us enjoy the simplicity of the flip flop. I love my flip flops as much as the next girl but the truth is that grownups wear sandals. Flip flops are for the beach and the park, sandals are for everything else. You should have at least one pair of little black (or yellow, or red, or blue) sandals that are comfy and cute for your everyday spring/summer outfits. As I've said before, and darn it, it bears repeating- shoes can make or break an outfit. Don't break your everyday summer ensemble, make it!

Now's the time to peruse the online and brick and mortar store shelves for your "go to" sandal. When you find the perfect pair, you'll Love What You Wear!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rolling In the Deep

How deep is the stack of
your unwanted clothing?
If you've turned on your radio or television in the past 14 months you've certainly heard the fabulous Adele and her powerful tune "Rolling In the Deep". If you watched the Grammys Sunday night you saw Adele sweep up lots of awards! Now that Spring is around the corner it's time for you to do some closet sweeping of your own to keep from rolling in the deep stacks of unwanted clothing hanging in your closet and sitting in your dresser drawers.

Take a rainy Seattle weekend and put it to good use. Look at your spring duds. Are there some items you didn't wear last spring? You know the ones, you try them on but always take them off because somehow they just don't work. There's a reason you  don't wear those clothes. Set them free and let a thrift or consignment shopper enjoy them. The less you roll in the deep, the easier you can find the grammy worthy pieces in your closet!

When you make a clean sweep and stop rolling in the deep, you'll Love What You Wear!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So What

Yeah, so what! That's what Pink sings and I kinda have to agree with her today. So what, it's Valentine's Day. Oh, dear that sounds bitter. I'm really not. I participate in the day's festivities with my kids and husband. I still think, "So what?", aren't we supposed to celebrate loving our families, friends and neighbors everyday? I know, I know, Valentine's Day is a good reminder. Just seems like the day puts undo pressure on single, married and dating humans across the nation! 

Love What You Wear!
But really, enough about the big hearts twirling over our heads today (ala Pepe Le Pew). So what about what you wear? Who cares about that? Whoa! No one said it was okay to be laissez faire about that! I am here to remind you that it's nice to match your outsides with your insides. All of you are fabulous (I know because you're reading my blog) so make sure what you portray on the outside is equally fabulous. Not fabulous like a cookie cutter fabulous. The fabulous YOU!  No one says you have to follow a certain set of rules to look great. Part of dressing well is dressing like yourself. Well, that is if that doesn't include mom jeans, frumpy shoes get the drift- I guess there are some rules!

So what! It's Valentine's Day- not such a big deal. So what! It DOES matter what you wear! When you care about what you wear and it shows You'll Love What You Wear!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Color My World

Color your world this
winter, spring and summer!
Remember when the band Chicago wasn't led by the schmaltzy Peter Cetera? Way back in 1970 Chicago, led by the now deceased Terry Kath sang the lovely "Color My World". These beautiful Seattle sunny days have got me thinking how to color my wardrobe not only for spring but for the more common gloomy Seattle days (I'm sorry I had to remind you that they will come back).

I can't stop envisioning how the colored jean will make spring like a walking bouquet! Since this is really the second strong year for colored jeans the good news is they are now available at all price points- from Target and H&M to Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Some have suggested that colored jeans may have an age limit. While the neon varieties definitely scream, "I am a teenager" the more mellow deep reds and jewel tones whisper, "I am an on-trend adult". So go ahead fashion forward adults, pick a color (almost) any color. Wear them now to brighten the winter and through the spring and summer (perhaps roll the hem once or twice), adding your color to the walking bouquet.

When you color your world with colored jeans you'll Love What You Wear!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Pippa's pops of blue brighten an
otherwise humdrum black outfit
Black is the most classic and worn color and the title of local band, Pearl Jam's 1991 tune. We West Seattlelites spend a good amount of time discussing where Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder lives, how we saw him at the grocery store, etc. But finding Eddie Vedder in a sea of people dressed in black, well that's easier said than done.

So what's wrong with wearing black? Well, nothing, sort of. Many of us have a multitude of black garments occupying our closets. And, let's face it, black is pretty darn easy to put together and doesn't require a lot of thought. If you are someone who has LOTS of black clothing, however, it is time to make some changes. A great way to make your black, well, less black is to have brightly patterned scarves to throw on so the black isn't always dragging that lovely face of yours down. A colored jacket or cardigan, necklaces, bracelets,  and earrings, also help with breaking up the color of night.

So next time you grab your favorite black top remember to add a little personality and color to your basic canvas. You'll be surprised how it puts a little sunshine in these winter days and a spring in your step. While Eddie Vedder would look good in a burlap sack, we mere mortals have to be a bit more discerning!

Brighten your day with colorful accessories to take the edge off black and you'll Love What You Wear!