Monday, October 29, 2012


A pattern "starter" idea-
not too scary.
Jump on a time machine, head back to 1966 and you'll find Simon and Garfunkel's Patterns. A lovely tune on the album entitled "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme". Just as these spices are blended together nicely in many a fine recipe so you can mix patterns in your wardrobe.

Mixing patterns is scary to most people and a signature look for a few. When I see someone mixing patterns well I can't help but think of how clever they are. Some do it with wild abandon and others with a more subtle approach. My favorite pattern mixing strategy is to take two different patterns with similar color pallets and blend them together. This can be done with a patterned blouse under a subtly patterned jacket or a patterned top with a similarly colored patterned scarf- and the possibilities go on from there- pants, shoes, etc. A simple (if not a bit vague) rule to remember is less is more when mixing patterns- going too far can create the clown effect and frankly, who really likes clowns anyway?

The old "own it" mantra definitely comes into play when mixing patterns. You best wear your mix with confidence or it won't work- own your patterns people!

When you mix patterns with confidence and panache you'll Love What You Wear!

Friday, October 19, 2012


You know the song Low by Flo Rida and now you will have it in your head for the rest of the day! I'll tell you what I have in my head as the days get cooler and turtlenecks are starting to come out of closets- low, low, low, low, low...

Stay warm and don't go low!
That's right people, I've said it before and I'll say it again. When anyone who isn't tall and thin sports a turtleneck their bust line will appear quite low due to one fabric covering the neck to the hips. We all know we don't need to add to the "low equation" of Age + Kids + Nursing (the more that apply the lower they go!).

So for those of us who get chilly this time of year there IS an alternative to the turtleneck. And you know what it is because this is a review! That's right- it's a scarf. And why wouldn't you want to wear a scarf? It adds color and texture to your ensemble while keeping you cozy warm.

Say it with me: when you wear a scarf your bust will sit high and proud and You'll Love What you Wear!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Love this oldie but goodie that Madonna belted out in 1983. Holiday is a fun and lighthearted tune and summer holidays have the same traits. What makes a good old fashioned holiday even better? Well, a suitcase full of all the right things of course. Assuming your holiday will involve a body of water here is the Style Cents recommended list of must haves:
A well edited suitcase makes your
holiday more enjoyable!
  1. Swimsuit- don't hate me because I just suggested you have to pack a swimsuit. I admit in my advanced age the idea of a swimsuit doesn't quite thrill me like it used to. If you are like me you need, as my friend once said, a swim SYSTEM not a swimsuit. If that's the case I recommend a sturdy number from Land's End. I love this tunic style. Low on blatant sex appeal but long on coverage and strength. Go forth with confidence in your swimsuit!
  2. Tote Bag- whether you're toting your own things or those of an entire family, a nice bag can make you feel better about being responsible for the transportation of all the towels, snacks, water bottles, strange creatures found on the beach, etc. This is not your mama's tote bag and is on super sale right now!
  3. Versatile Dress(es)- the dress is the answer to all things summer. So versatile- it's a cover up, it's a night out ensemble it's a comfy after-swim number. A jersey knit variety is also easily packed and never wrinkles. The options are boundless! This Michael Stars maxi fits all your summer holiday needs- the epitome of versatile!
  4. Versatile Shoe- Let's face it the shoe situation on vacation causes the most packing trauma. If there's an overflow in your bag, shoes are usually the culprit. I find a mid-height wedge or chunky heel sandal to serve lots of purposes while still offering walkability. My favorite sandal this summer has been these Miz Mooz foot holders.
  5. Awesome Accessories- there's no easier way to change up that versatile dress than with accessories. Make sure you have a couple necklaces, earrings, cuffs and bracelets in your bag of tricks. Large chandelier earrings make the dress you wore as a cover up earlier in the week a perfect option for evening dining when a chunky heel also replaces those flip flops.
  6. Easy Going Attitude- as my brother likes to tell me, "participate, don't anticipate". We sometimes have rigid expectations about how our holiday should play out. I always try to pack my most flexible, easy going self (uhm, easier said than done). This includes packing a wine opener!
Enjoy your holiday even if that means a "staycation" for you this season. When you have all the right clothing and accessory must haves you'll have a great holiday and Love What You Wear!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Got Back

Love your back!
EVERYBODY remembers Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot. While the video is a bit more crude than I remember (I guess I'm older than I remember), Mr. Mix A Lot makes a mighty good point!

I've never met a "back" that didn't look super in a pair of jeans. And, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and there are jeans that fit you and make you feel great. You best start loving your back now because someday you'll look back at how your back used to be and think, "hmmm, I'd like to have that back, back!"

When you love your back and place it in just right jeans, you'll  Love What You Wear!

Friday, June 22, 2012

What Makes You Beautiful

Be prepared to
feel beautiful at
summer soirees!
Don't hate me because I like the boy band (One Direction), poppity-pop song What Makes You Beautiful. Admit it, it is kind of a catchy tune, complete with cheesy video. Oh, but whatever makes you beautiful is not cheesy at all my friends.

What makes you feel beautiful? Most of us have a favorite outfit, piece of jewelry, cool shoes or combination that makes us feel confident, if not beautiful. So find that combo in your closet or treat yourself to something new. Create a few go-to outfits for your upcoming summer soirees. Carve an hour out of your day to really look at what you have and how you can mix and mingle things in a new way. Group these summer ensembles together so when you're running out of time before going out you have something you know you'll feel good in. Wearing something that gives you confidence makes you feel beautiful- Love What You Wear!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ready To Start

In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit more than anything I want to share Arcade Fire's Ready To Start video with you all. Fantastic song, cool video! But since we're on the subject...

Ready to start getting
your closet looking great?
Okay, maybe not this great!
Are you ready to start? Ready to start looking as great on the outside as you are on the inside? Are you ready to get the clutter out of your closet and make getting dressed every morning a delight rather than drudgery?

Call me when you're ready to start, we'll have fun, you'll feel fabulous and you'll Love What You Wear!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Beverly Hills

Driving through the rain this morning I heard the fun Weezer tune Beverly Hills (2005). I couldn't help but think that Beverly Hills with its endless sunshine, decadence and fashion seemed pretty enticing.

Oh, sure it's a great place to visit but
you'd miss the Seattle rain and fun style!
Then I remembered Seattle often has the weather of every season contained in a 24 hour period. Decadence in the Emerald City is found in fantastic food and drink. And fashion is as diverse as the mercurial weather.

What Seattle lacks in the sunshine department it makes up for in individuality. As often illustrated in the popular blog It's My Darlin, the people of Seattle dress with a personality and originality not seen in more mundane environs. So when you think you'd like to head to Beverly Hills for some sunshine and cookie cutter name brand fashion this gloomy June, think again. Grab your umbrella and head out for some on-the-street fashion watching then thank your lucky stars you don't live in that silly, sunny Beverly Hills!

You may even get some stylish ideas people watching, then you're sure to Love What You Wear!