Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Roll With It

The rolled up sleeve on this
dress creates a more hip, modern look
compared with the unrolled sleeve
It was 1995 and one of my favorite albums ever was released. The album was "(What's the Story) Morning Glory" by Oasis. If CD's weren't so durable my copy would surely have worn out! One of the great songs on the album was "Roll With It". As I was dressing this morning for the musical we call life, I couldn't help but hum "Roll With It" while rolling up my sleeves...

So, what about rolling up sleeves? I've been finding that a little sleeve rolling on jackets, woven shirts and dresses can create a better look. Often times a more modern appearance comes to fruition by "rolling with it". I have a chambray dress that I couldn't quite make work and voila after adding a cool belt and rolling up the sleeves- delightful!

Before you get rid of a jacket, top or dress you're on the fence about, roll with it and see where it takes you. It's worth a try and chances are it will help you Love What you Wear!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Made to be Broken

We've got to go back to the heyday for this one- well at least my heday! In 1986 Soul Asylum released "Made to be Broken". I suppose a lot of my peers (not me of course) were living by the adage that rules were made to be broken back in '86! When it comes to fashion are rules made to be broken or followed? I'm thinking there's not even a rule for the rules!

What's that rule about not wearing horizontal
stripes? These stripes are definitely working for her!
As several lovely ladies and myself spent the evening sipping and styling at a Style Cents party last evening the idea of fashion rules came up a lot. "What's the rule for this?", "What's the rule for that?". While there are some pretty hard and fast rules in fashion- no denim on denim, only wear linen in the summer, etc.- a large part of fashion is knowing what works for you. While a tall, slim friend of yours looks great in a turtle neck, you as a short, big busted woman do not. At the end of the day the rule is wear things that look good on you and stay away from things that don't. So that's easy, right? Well, not for everyone. Some people have a more aesthetically honed eye than others. If you don't feel comfortable making fashion choices, enlist the help of friends (or Style Cents!). The magic is knowing if you have "the eye" or not. But whatever you choose to wear make sure it fits well and reflects who you are- those are the most important rules!

Find that sweet spot of knowing when to follow the rules and when to break them. Then find a good fashion mentor and you'll Love What You Wear!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Afternoon Delight

Ha! I've got your attention now. Perhaps you recall the 1976 hit "Afternoon Delight" and your mom suggesting (or demanding!) that the radio be turned off. While the Starland Vocal Band wasn't singing about anything close to thrift shopping that is the afternoon delight I am suggesting you partake in this summer. Play hooky some weekday or weekend afternoon while you should be working at the office or home. Grab a couple of adventurous shopping buddies and hit the streets!

My favorite thrift store- Frenzi in Burien. 
You never know what you'll find on your thrifting adventure. I know many thrifting converts who were initially apprehensive but now delighted with the process. It can be an acquired taste but sometimes a necessity in this economy.

Here's the plan. Find a general area where you can hit two or three stores. If the first doesn't provide you with the delights you're looking for you'll need plan b and c so your afternoon isn't a bust. Whether you head to Burien, Ballard or Bellevue, do your homework and plot your course. Remember, don't buy it just because it's inexpensive. Seattle home closet space is usually a fraction of what we long for so be choosey about how to fill that precious real estate. At the same time don't let the dingy environment cloud your vision of the treasure you may be holding in your hand. And once you find your favorite haunt(s) check back often.

When your afternoon is full of fashion, fun and frugality you'll Love What You Wear (and be delighted)!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

White Wedding

 Look Mom, "no bra!"
We all remember Billy Idol's hit in 1982- "White Wedding". Funny thing about weddings- they aren't always so white anymore. I love how pretty much anything goes. Any colors, any venue, anytime! But one thing has remained the same, everyone at weddings, from the bride and groom to all the guests, wants to look fantastic.

If you're going to be in a wedding, at a wedding or attempting to crash a wedding this summer make sure you have Hollywood Fashion Tape on hand. This tape can fix most any problem. Have a bra that slips away from your dress strap or a neckline that skims the top of your bra a bit too close? This tape will help keep your bra hidden away. It's also great for asymmetrical and strapless style dresses, making sure the dress is secured to your bra so it doesn't show. Remember that guests have come to see the bride and groom at the wedding, not your bra!

The next wedding you attend may not be a White Wedding but make sure it's not a Janet Jackson Super  Bowl experience either. Have your Hollywood Fashion Tape on hand and You'll Love What You Wear!