Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby, I Love Your Way

Oh, man, can you remember how hot you thought Peter Frampton was? Oh, maybe that was just me? He released "Baby, I Love Your Way" in 1975 and Big Mountain re-released it, reggae style, in 1994. We all know people that just have a way you've gotta love.

I take this break from our regularly scheduled fashion programming for an ode to my husband:
For eight months my hardworking, fortitude filled super-employable partner swam upstream to find a job. A guy you would never believe could be unemployed. Well connected, well spoken, well educated and well mannered. Well, luck wasn't on his side for the first time in his life. So what did he do? He called everyone he knew, people he didn't know, and was eternally patient- not even his strong suit. He worked hard, took advantage of time with his family and kept a phenomenally, sometimes irritatingly so, positive attitude.

There are just some people who have a way. A way of always keeping on, and with a smile. Voicing frustration but not letting it get to their core. Today the man with "the way" was offered a job that he is very excited about and all I can think is "baby, I love your way". I sure wish my way was more like his way. I could use some of that way!

I put some pretty good interview outfits together for my husband over these eight months- never underestimate the power of clothing and a kick ass "way". Oh, husband of mine, I love your way, and when you follow my detailed clothing instructions I Love What You Wear :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


A perfect sunny addition
to any wardrobe!
The song "Yellow" was released by ColdPlay in 2000 and many radio stations have been playing it on repeat ever since (or maybe it just seems like it?). I've been noticing some great shades of yellow in this spring's fashion lineup that actually are worth repeat wearings!

Anyone who has been bold enough to paint a wall yellow knows all too well how the slightest difference in tone and shade make the yellow a hit or miss. Finding the perfect yellow top, jacket or shoe can be difficult but when you do it's like donning sunshine! The other great feature of yellow is it pairs well with lots of colors. Most any of the saturated color jeans and pants out these days would be a nice compliment to a yellow top or shoe.

Make it a spring mission to find a fun yellow piece for your wardrobe and you'll Love What You Wear!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Mirror Song

Get the big style picture!
Thomas Dolby sang the very Thomas Dolby'esque "The Mirror Song" for the Toys soundtrack in 1992. While Mr. Dolby is apparently a fan of the mirror, I've observed many people "tone deaf" without a full length mirror!

Recently a friend of mine purchased a full length mirror. She hung it right outside her walk-in closet (yes, her walk-in closet, I'm jealous too). She reports having the mirror available while dressing each day has ramped up her creativity. Why, you ask? She confesses she was wearing the same clothing combinations day after day because she knew they worked. She was nervous to try other mixes because she couldn't see the full outfit. Seeing the entire picture, she is now confident attempting new clothing fusions.

It's also important to note (and it's a note I have sung many times) shoes can make or break an outfit. If you don't have the advantage of looking in a full length mirror you may be missing a crucial piece of information. Perhaps you're sporting a fabulous ensemble from your head to your ankles but what you have on your feet makes the garment medley self destruct.

Invest in a $7 full length mirror at Target, lay down $100 at Ikea or go big at Pottery Barn. Whatever your choice, when you make use of a full length mirror your clothing creativity will soar and you'll Love What You Wear.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Face it. You can't even read the title "Things That Make You Go Hmmm" without singing it. This tune has been in our heads, off and on, since C+C Music Factory released it in 1991.

Things that make
you go awwww
Well, let me tell you about the things that make me go hmmm at this moment in 2012. Oh, I'll tell you!
  1. This god-forsaken Pacific Northwest weather makes me go hmmm as I wipe the tears from my eyes thinking about the long wait for summer (cuz there is no spring here).
  2. When I wake up to said PNW weather I wonder what shoes to wear, then fear for the life of the shoes I choose as they're required to wade through the day (I admit I'm not a rain boot fan, hence the struggle).
  3. Thinking about the fact that my outfit is rarely revealed in these jacket intensive days. It seems that day in and day out the look du jour is coat, scarf, boots, repeat.
And then I remember, well usually, that this too shall pass. Someday, not so soon, we will be showing off our pedicures in lovely sandals and donning spring frocks. Admittedly, some days it is more difficult to see  this fact than others. But it really is a fact.

When you realize the Seattle rain brings us our beautiful, world renowned landscape and build a very strong relationship with sweaters, coats, scarves and boots you'll Love What You Wear!