Friday, December 30, 2011

Closing Of The Year

Remember the movie "Toys" released in 1992? If you do you may also remember the fabulous song "Closing Of The Year" by Wendy and Lisa. It's worth a watch and listen. I always have it in my music rotation on New Year's Eve. And speaking of NYE and the closing of the year, it seems like a good time to make sure you have your closet closed to these fashion don'ts as you enter 2012:

Don't close the year
with this look!

  1. Short Shirts- nothing says 1999 like a short short. Make sure the hem of your top hits at hip level. The shorter the shirt the more likely the belly alarm may sound. Plus the short shirt is a great hip enhancer- if that doesn't convince you to go longer nothing will!
  2. Mom Jeans- if you're sporting a light wash jean that comes to your belly button, or god forbid, above your belly button, cease and desist immediately! March to to the store and find some dark wash jeans with a mid-rise and toast to the new year and the new you!
  3. Super Low Jeans- crack kills. Especially the aging variety.
  4. Mom Shoes- there is no excuse for a frumpy shoe these days. Even comfort brands make cute boots and shoes so unless you're a nurse cut it out. There is no quicker way to ruin an outfit than to finish it off with less than stylish footwear.
  5. Colorless Outfits- we're all attracted to grey and black and there's nothing wrong with that. There is, however, something wrong with wearing only these colors everyday. Come on, branch out even if it's just adding a colorful accessory to breathe life into your anemic wardrobe.
Honorable Mention-
Skirt and Dress hemlines that hit below the knee- this isn't a hard and fast rule for everyone but for 90% of us it is. Be very careful when your hemline falls below the knee, it can turn you into a nun in a hot minute, especially if you are petite.

The closing of the year is a time to reflect on all the great things from the past 365 days. It's also a time of hope and opportunity as we look at the year ahead. May the closing of your year be a perfect blend of past present and future and may you Love What You Wear!


  1. No hemline below knee even with a boot???

  2. Especially for you miss! You can NEVER wear a hemline below the knee. Do NOT make me take you to the convent! I'm doing a "Shop With Style Cents" event at Cherry on January 12th- come see me and I'll show you! Trust me.

  3. Thanks StyleCents. I've got some short shirts but they are only for summer when paired with bikini bottoms. That's okay, right?