Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot Legs

These wide calf boots can be ordered
from Zappos and are perfect for every day!
It was 1978 and Rod Stewart released his single "Hot Legs". Man, that was a long time ago. But most of us remember the song. And we probably did have hot legs back then, eh? Many women I talk with these days, however, complain about how their legs- hot or not- don't fit into boots.

Getting boots zipped around the calf can definitely be an issue. And want to have a pair of jeans tucked in? That can further complicate the matter. Of course I contend this doesn't mean you are "hot legs free", it mostly means the ding dongs making these boots have lost their minds! It's heartbreaking (drama intended) to think of a good woman going through a Pacific Northwest winter without a good boot! So don't give up. Not all boots are created with the toothpick calf in mind- keep the search alive. Look for boots that have a panel at the top that allows for some growth. Or check out boots specifically created for a larger calf here- lots of options!

Don't let the pesky makers of boots make you lose sight of your hot legs. Procure some cute boots just for your hot legs and you'll Love What You Wear!

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