Sunday, December 11, 2011


The interesting neckline and tie belt of this
dress draw the eye away from the dreaded arms
(the length should be above the knee though)
The song "Arms" by Christina Perri is so lovely. She released it this year and it's definitely worth listening to if you haven't already. While this song has nothing to do with the epidemic of women who hate their arms the title definitely reminds me of this fact!

The past year I have heard the "I hate my arms" complaint over and over again. Holiday dresses and tops are often sleeveless which makes this time of year all the more disconcerting for the arm haters among us. So, what do you do if you don't count your arms as one of your finest assets?

The term "smoke and mirrors" comes to mind. If you don't like your arms add something to detract from them. If you are going sleeveless add a fun necklace or scarf to the mix so the eye is drawn to those accessories rather than your arms. Wear a fantastic belt that accentuates the smallest part of your body and voila, who cares about those arms! The name of the game is drawing attention to the areas you love to detract attention from the less liked areas.

Avoid always wearing a cardigan or jacket to hide your arms- embrace them (pun intended)! Wearing something over your sleeveless outfit often destroys the great line and style of the garment. Come on, just try going sleeveless and see what happens- you may fall in love with your arms all over again, or, um, for the first time!

Go sleeveless with pride and confidence while accentuating the positive and you'll Love What You Wear!

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