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A treasure trove of style and fashion is in your closet. Hard to believe? Believe me! What you see as lemons can be transformed into a glass of deliciously stylish lemonade. Think of the clarity you will feel once your closet only contains garments that fit well, compliment other pieces, and convey the style you wish to project. And the time you'll save both shopping and getting ready each day will be sweet! Spend more time drinking lemonade and less time stressing and love what you wear!

Style Cents Wardrobe Analysis - $200.00
Spend up to three hours* going through your entire wardrobe and accessories. As unwanted items are removed, we organize your closet so getting dressed each day in flattering and stylish outfits is a breeze. When the session is finished you will understand the styles and silhouettes that best suit your figure, but the ultimate reward will be all the new outfits created from clothing you already own.
*After three hours, charge is $40 per hour (prorated accordingly)

This service includes:
  • Style Cents Shopping List - Items to shop for that will increase the versatility and style of your wardrobe.
  • Best Fit List - Styles and silhouettes that look best on your figure.
  • Outfit Cheat Sheet - Photos of outfits created from your wardrobe for easy reference. 

Additional Services

Style Cents Shops with You - $40.00/hr
We will agree on a budget and items needed. A list of preselected stores and buying decisions will be made based on the look you are trying to achieve. Style Cents will ensure you stay on track as we make the most of your shopping budget.

Style Cents Shops for You - $40.00/hr
Don’t have time to shop? Whether you need a few items on your Style Cents Shopping List or have something specific in mind, let Style Cents do the shopping for you. We will agree on a budget and Style Cents is off to find the perfect dress, jeans, boots or whatever your wardrobe requires. Creating the ultimate wardrobe or event outfit without the effort – what could be easier?

Style Cents Sojourns - $40 per person 
Choose from: Affordable Accessory Adventure, The Great Dress Hunt or Jean Journey
Four women are escorted by Style Cents to three or four pre-selected stores (dependent on customer budgets) to find the perfect accessories, dresses or jeans. Each sojourn will include four hours of transportation and fun shopping tips and tricks for finding just what you're looking for.

Gift certificates available