Monday, April 30, 2012

Thin Layer

The look and feel of an outfit can change dramatically
with layering and different shoe and hosiery choices!
In 2007, The Honorary Title released the tune Thin Layer. It's kinda catchy and worth a listen. These days with the Pacific Northwest weather being anything but predictable, a few thin layers are definitely required. The good news is that layering is both functional and aesthetically  pleasing- love when you can kill two birds with one stylish stone!

Let's set the scene: you wake up Monday morning, it's cloudy and cool, looks like it will probably rain. Based on history you know by the time you come home from work, running errands or your appointment there's a high probability that the sun will be shining and it will be an entirely different Seattle day.

A good fashionista is always prepared so arm yourself for the day. Whatever bottom you choose- jeans, skirt with tights, khaki's, dress pants etc. you can layer your top half. Choose a tank or cami for your first layer, a light wool cardigan for your second layer, a light jacket (denim jacket or blazer) next and finally a scarf. You can even add a coat or vest on top of that. When you get to your indoor destination the coat/vest can be taken off, perhaps the scarf, if you're too warm. But you are set for the day no matter what the weather brings. Admittedly, you aren't prepared for rain in this scenario but that's what umbrellas are for, right?

This formula works when attending an outside event or heading somewhere indoors. Play with the components to make it your own and layer with confidence. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Perfect Fit

Everyone (or so I think) loves a little Van Morrison and I do believe his tune Perfect Fit, released in 1995, does not disappoint. What is disappointing is when people wear clothes that don't fit properly. It's a sad, sad thing.

What is the perfect fit? It really depends on the garment style. Make sure you ascertain the item's intended silhouette and make sure it fits accordingly.

Here are a few fit tips for often purchased items:

Even a loose fitting trapeze
dress needs a proper fit
to ensure it looks perfect!

  1. Jeans- when you pull up those babies in the dressing room, there should be some difficulty getting them on. Jeans have so much spandex in them these days they stretch out quickly. So a super snug (not uncomfortable) fit is required- especially with skinny jeans. Trouser and boyfriend jeans would be an exception.
  2. Tops- this is a harder one because there are so many different styles and intentions for how they should be worn. Most tops should be body skimming with a hem that hits at the hip. Exceptions to this would be short boxy tops. These look great with a snug fitting, hip skimming cami/tshirt underneath. If there is a shoulder seam on the top, it should hit right at the top of the shoulder, otherwise it will look sloppy.
  3. Dresses- one sure fire sign that a dress isn't fitting well is when the armpits of the dress are flapping in the proverbial wind. Regardless of the dress style, even if it's a loose trapeze dress, the top part of the dress needs to fit snugly. 
  4. Bras- there is nothing more important than a bra! I don't care if you're small or large busted. If you're not wearing a bra right now, drop everything you're doing and pick up your boobs- as in go to Nordstrom and get fitted!! I'll just say it, the older you are the more you need the assistance of a bra- gravity is not a fictional concept. Most of you are wearing a cup size that is too small and a strap size that is too big, e.g., if you're wearing a 36C, it could be that you should be wearing a 34D. Get fitted!
When you have the perfect fit you'll Love What You Wear!

Friday, April 20, 2012

In Between

A cropped jacket
can bridge the
in between season!
As much as I don't love Linkin Park in general, I find I do love their mellow tunes a lot! One of their melancholy, slow moving songs is "In Between" off their 2007 "Minutes to Midnight" album. This reminds me of the in between weather a Seattle spring brings. I can't say I love this very much. It conjures up all kinds of confusion when it comes to what to wear. Here are some in between staples that will help you glide through this funny season with relative ease, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Fitted, cropped jacket- this helps enormously on those days that it's too cool for going jacketless and too warm for your go-to winter wonder coat. The blue denim variety is always a hit until you are wearing blue denim on the bottom. For those blue jean days have a colored jacket on hand- khaki, red, yellow, etc.
  2. Favorite Flat- I know, I know, not everyone is in love with the flat either because we want some height or we need more support for our (aging) feet. To those that want height I say find a nice closed toe wedge for those that need support I say look to some of the comfort brands for a flat that does provide more support.
  3. Boyfriend Jean- nothing says spring like a boyfriend jean with a rolled cuff, cute flats and a long t-shirt with a cropped jacket...ahhhhh. Add your favorite accessories to make it your own!
When you find a way to get on top of the in between season you'll Love What You Wear!