Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comfort Zone

Uncomfortable wearing scarves? Just Do It!
Waaay back in 1991 Vanessa Williams released a song called "Comfort Zone". If you watch the video you'll be simultaneously entertained and mortified. I do believe there's a reason Ms. Williams isn't topping the charts these days. But just because Vanessa isn't making great music doesn't mean you can't move a bit out of your comfort zone and create some great outfits!

Have you ever put something on and said, "I really like this but it's not what I usually wear". Umm, that may be just the point! Perhaps you should give what you really like a try even if it means you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Oh, what's that old saying? I know, I know- "Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort"- Peter McWilliams.

So, go all Nike with your wardrobe and "Just Do it". When you get out of your comfort zone you'll Love What You Wear!

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