"Linda helped me clear my closet of unflattering and dated clothing while creating great new outfits with items I already had. I feel like I went on a shopping spree without even leaving my closet! She also helped me elevate my style by showing me how to create fun looks with various accessories she brought with her to demonstrate. My "what to wear" issues have been resolved and I had a great time doing it!"

"I was nervous about the Wardrobe Analysis but it turned out to be so much fun! Linda was able to explain why some clothing items were keepers and some were not. When we were left with the keepers she was able to find so many different ways to put things together. I feel like I have a great wardrobe and a succinct shopping and silhouette list that will keep me on the right track!"

"I was amazed at all the outfits Linda was able to put together using pieces I already had in my closet. I truly thought I had nothing to wear but Linda was able to take the pieces I already had and put them together in an entirely updated way. I never thought I could pull off a belt over a sweater but turns out I can! When we were finished there were just a few things I needed to buy to complete my looks. Having the photos to remind me of the outfits really helps me get dressed too. If I'm standing in front of my closet thinking 'I've got nothing to wear', I pull out those photos and turns out I do!"