Monday, February 27, 2012

You've Got A Friend

These are good friends!
Oh, how I love both James Taylor's and Carole King's version of "You've Got a Friend". Carole wrote and released it in 1971 and James covered it that same year.

After hosting an old friend for the weekend I got to thinking about friendships, especially the well seasoned ones. The kind of friends you have so much history with you could string together all the stories you share for days without pause. As I put my friend on the train today to head back to his reality and I to mine I had to smile thinking how we just made new memories to add to the long list.

A good friend can't be beat. We all have good friends in our closet too. Those go-to pieces that give us confidence. Perhaps these friends do some disguising where disguising is most desired. Or maybe we love them because we remember fun memories we had while wearing them (these can be dangerous if that's all they provide!). I have owned a pair of boots for nine years and they are still in heavy rotation. I look at them and think how I love wearing them- they're comfortable and cute and just right. Kind of like an old friend.

When you need an extra boost of confidence or just something you can rely on, turn to the friends in your closet. When you do You'll Love What You Wear!

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