Sunday, February 19, 2012

Element of Surprise

These bold bangles are great
for adding the element of
surprise to most any outfit!
The rapper E-40 released his single "The Element of Surprise" in 1998. Proceed with caution if you dare listen to this profanity laden rap nugget. Can't say I recommend it but I can say I recommend employing the element of surprise in your style.

Those people who use the element of surprise in what they wear project confidence and originality. So what can you do to create this look? The first thing to avoid is a matchy-matchy look. When you find yourself perfectly matched try to find an accessory that adds a new color, pattern or texture to the mix, breaking up the monotony. When you have a very tailored look going throw on a casual denim jacket or funky boot to amplify your originality. Play with colors- if you have a lot of blue in your ensemble finish if off with a chunky yellow, orange or animal print bangle.

Adding surprising and funky elements to your outfit can be done overtly or very subtly. Know thyself and proceed with your element of surprise accordingly. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

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