Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Black Sandals

Comfy and cute (by Camper)
 for everyday summer fun!
Also comes in black :)
Could there by a better song title than "Little Black Sandals"? Love the title and the song sung by Sia. Definitely worth a listen. And while we're speaking of little black sandals, it reminds me that most every client I've worked with has a sandal deficit. While I realize the Seattle sandal season is short, it's still a necessary element in any woman's wardrobe.

Many of us enjoy the simplicity of the flip flop. I love my flip flops as much as the next girl but the truth is that grownups wear sandals. Flip flops are for the beach and the park, sandals are for everything else. You should have at least one pair of little black (or yellow, or red, or blue) sandals that are comfy and cute for your everyday spring/summer outfits. As I've said before, and darn it, it bears repeating- shoes can make or break an outfit. Don't break your everyday summer ensemble, make it!

Now's the time to peruse the online and brick and mortar store shelves for your "go to" sandal. When you find the perfect pair, you'll Love What You Wear!

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