Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello Again

The fabulous Amos Lee released "Hello Again" early in 2011. Not only is this song great, the whole album is top notch- one of my all time faves. In the world of fashion it seems like we are saying hello again to lots of styles we remember from our past. Namely the 70's and 80's trends just keep on showing up and I love it!

Say "hello again" to color
blocking, lace, groovy
looks and bright colors
Why not consider saying hello again to these trends:

  • Bohemian Chic- Think Little House on the Prairie meets Stevie Nicks (not as mind bending as you might think). Bohemian styles with homespun elements like crochet/macrame, lace, distressed leather, desert florals and turquoise are all part of this look.
  • Disco Diva- Ode to Studio 54! Try sizzling satin, asymmetrical designs, shoulder cutouts with a rich jewel tone palate. Top it off with shoulder duster earrings and platforms and you'll be one step closer to understanding the mysterious Andy Warhol!
  • Color Blocking- Love it or leave it on dresses, tops and tunics- this trend is alive and well.
Some fashionistas are subtle and some are daring, if these hello again styles scare you think of more modified versions. Whatever your style, try saying, "hello again" to these trends from decades past. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

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