Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So What

Yeah, so what! That's what Pink sings and I kinda have to agree with her today. So what, it's Valentine's Day. Oh, dear that sounds bitter. I'm really not. I participate in the day's festivities with my kids and husband. I still think, "So what?", aren't we supposed to celebrate loving our families, friends and neighbors everyday? I know, I know, Valentine's Day is a good reminder. Just seems like the day puts undo pressure on single, married and dating humans across the nation! 

Love What You Wear!
But really, enough about the big hearts twirling over our heads today (ala Pepe Le Pew). So what about what you wear? Who cares about that? Whoa! No one said it was okay to be laissez faire about that! I am here to remind you that it's nice to match your outsides with your insides. All of you are fabulous (I know because you're reading my blog) so make sure what you portray on the outside is equally fabulous. Not fabulous like a cookie cutter fabulous. The fabulous YOU!  No one says you have to follow a certain set of rules to look great. Part of dressing well is dressing like yourself. Well, that is if that doesn't include mom jeans, frumpy shoes and...you get the drift- I guess there are some rules!

So what! It's Valentine's Day- not such a big deal. So what! It DOES matter what you wear! When you care about what you wear and it shows You'll Love What You Wear!

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