Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Wear It Well

You'd wear this well!
But it would be more fun to
 wear this top in  a cool pattern
 or color or layered with a
colored cami and jacket.
Rod Stewart sang "You Wear It Well" in 1972. As far as I can ascertain from childhood photos I was wearing handmade polyester jumpers in '72. Not so sure anyone can wear that well! I'm sure you've come a long way with your style since 1972 (well, many of you weren't even born yet!). Now that it's 2012, what are you wearing well?

Most of us are attracted to a certain silhouette, something we tend to purchase over and over again. Perhaps in different colors or patterns but similar lines. If it's not a specific silhouette we're drawn to, it is often a color we seek over and over again. I'm here to report those colors are often grey and black from the closets I've seen. What if we are just purchasing these items out of habit and we don't actually wear it so well after all? Or maybe we do wear it well but there are lots of other styles and colors we could wear well? Since it's a new year, why not try out some new colors and silhouettes? Do some experimenting- take a friend shopping with you and ask the ultimate style question, "do I wear this well?".  You may be surprised by the answer.

Whether it's what you own or what you'll be buying, wear it well in 2012 when you take a fresh approach to dressing. When you do You'll Love What You Wear!

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