Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hang It Up

Hanging it up can serve
 as decorative flair! 
The tune "Hang It Up" will be released on the British duo Ting Ting's second album sometime in the spring of 2012. A fun, if not exceedingly simple tune, worth a listen.. And while we're on the subject of hanging it up- why don't you?

Yes, it's time to hang up all those necklaces and scarves that are sitting in dusty jewelry boxes, stuffed in unorganized drawers, or worse yet, lost in the back of a dark closet or dresser somewhere. Since accessories are really what separates you from your neighbor it's time to get them out in the open and tangle-free so they're easy to access. The good news is that there are lots of low cost solutions to hanging it up! You can use something as inexpensive as a key or tie hanger. Take a field trip to IKEA and find this option for scarf hanging and this for hanging necklaces. You might even have something floating around your home right now that would do the trick.

Don't let your accessories be out of sight and out of mind. Hang it up and you'll see all your lovely choices each day and Love What You Wear!

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