Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fat Bottomed Girls (Make the Rockin' World Go Round)

Not such a fat bottomed
girl but what a great jean fit!
Everybody remembers the "Fat Bottomed Girls" song. Queen released this unconventional diddy in 1978 and though you may not remember that year well most can recall the chorus to this tune. When I hear this song I'm always reminded that indeed fat bottomed girls do make the rockin' world go round as well as skinny bottomed girls and every kind of bottom in-between.

We can all agree that it takes bottoms of all shapes and sizes to assist in the rocking of our world. The question is how does one find jeans for these bottoms? Let's face it, shopping for jeans can rival the pleasurable experience of shopping for a swimsuit.

Some things to remember when searching for jeans to rock your world and your bottom:

  1. Only buy jeans that are sized with even numbers. Sizes like 10, 12, etc. are made for women. Odd sized jeans are made for juniors and will often leave a gap in the back as they're not made for the curves of a woman. 
  2. Make sure the hem of your jean hits just above the bottom of your shoe heel. Buy your jeans a bit long, allowing for an eighth to a quarter inch of shrinkage in the length.
  3. Dark wash jeans are the most slenderizing. Lots of streaking and whiskering can be unflattering as well as age inappropriate for the 35+ crowd.
  4. Snug fitting jeans are a must! The lycra found in most jeans today provides comfort but can lead to a saggy bottom, which does not make the rockin' world go round. Buying jeans that are too big is one of the most common mistakes- snug is key!
  5. You have to kiss a lot of jean frogs before you meet your jean prince. Be patient and keep trying. There is a jean out there that can make your bottom rock!
No matter the size of your bottom, there is a jean for you. When you find the one that rocks you'll Love What You Wear!

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  1. Love your tips, Linda. Going jeans shopping in the near future, I will remember your rules. Thanks.