Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Self Conscious Girls

Wearing her unconventional
locks with confidence!
Listen to the sweet song "Self Conscious Girls" by Winston Drei Tod. It is a gentle reminder for the stronger but more self conscious gender to "Just let your colors show and bask in the light of the sun". Oh, but sometimes it's kinda scary to let our colors show, sometimes we don't even like our own colors how can we expect someone else to?

In my old age I have become much less self conscious, not because I've somehow lost my myriad of flaws, in fact they're more pronounced than ever. But short of bankrupting my family with plastic surgery bills I decided long ago to embrace me- flaws and all. I gradually said goodbye to the teen angst and (mostly) accepted all there is to accept.

Then I got a REALLY short haircut this week. I love short hair, I even love my new super short haircut but I spiraled back to the self conscious girl in a hot minute. What would people say? Is it not feminine enough? Boys hate short hair! I thought I'd look a lot more like Michelle Williams or Halle Berry (okay, that was a stretch), what happened? Ugh! 

As I fell into my teen abyss it made me think of all the reasons we are self conscious- our weight, that zit that appears at just the wrong time, small boobs, big boobs, straight hair, curly hair, and the list goes on. Worrying about our appearance is a tangled web with lots of gray area. One has to be some what self conscious otherwise we'd fall into the psychopathic category. When I find myself stressing about what people will think of my shorn hair I am reminded that people have REAL problems and I feel guilty. I then think of how important it is to be confident so that we can be a productive member of society. It's a tight rope- we want to look good and feel good but not be so self conscious that we're paralyzed.

I like to think of my job as a confidence builder as well as a stylist. I love to help the self conscious girl take a backseat to the self confident girl! Take a break from worrying about what others think- Just let your colors show and bask in the light of the sun and you'll Love What You Wear!

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