Monday, January 16, 2012

Come Next Spring

LBD with a peplum twist-
perfect for spring!
In 1956 Tony Bennett sang "Come Next Spring". That was a long time ago and it seems like the last time we saw spring was a long time ago as well. But we know (or at least we're pretty sure) that spring will indeed come again. As we dream of warm breezes and digging into our spring wardrobe there are many trends to consider. Get ahead of the game and look to your warm weather wear to see if you already own pieces that correlate with these 2012 spring trends:

  1. Put a Bird on it- Yep, the bird is still alive and well. Spring promises to deliver more of our fine feathered friends on blouses, skirts and dresses. If you see a bird flying in your closet, make sure you save it!
  2. Show your midriff- Nooooooooo. This is so scary. Don't kill the messenger but the call is for midriff style tops and dresses that show this body part usually associated with self-loathing. You know if you can do this and you certainly know if you can't!
  3. Get peppy with Peplum- Quite the opposite from midriff styles this trend seems to come and go and now it's baaaaack. There are super exaggerated peplum styles on jackets, dresses and skirts and more subtle versions.
  4. Color, pattern and texture, oh my- Pastels, bold prints, color blocking, stripes, metallics,  digital image prints and lace are all in the spring mix. Pretty much anything goes!
  5. Drop waist- Look for dresses and tops with this style as well as low slung belts to wear with tunics and dresses that give the same drop waist effect.
Keep these trends in mind when you are shopping in your own closet or making a new investment for Spring. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

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