Friday, January 6, 2012

Let The Sunshine In

Be a sun manufacturing plant!
It was 1969 and The Fifth Dimension released the tune "Let The Sunshine In". I remember how my oldest sister would play this 45 over and over. At the risk of waxing poetic about the past it brings me back to simpler times- bell bottoms and the beautiful long dark hair my sister sported- man, did I think she was cool! But I digress (as usual). This is the time of year where we not only have to let the sunshine in, if we can find it, we need to manufacture a little sunshine of our own!

How can you become a sun manufacturing plant you may ask? Obviously there are many ways. I, however will be concentrating on how you can achieve sunshine through your wardrobe! It is tough to get excited about getting dressed in the morning when it's dark, often wet and chilly. As a friend once told me (and I found it irritating) "turn that frown upside down"- ugh! But the truth hurts, doesn't it? One way to create a little sunshine this winter is to feel happy and confident when we leave the house each morning. So make sure your closet is full of things that make you feel good and help you hold your head up high in the rain. A fabulous pair of boots a warm and pretty sweater, your favorite wool pants or jeans. It all helps your mood stay high and the winter fly by. Okay, maybe not fly, but you get the point.

Pull some sunshine out of your closet each day and You'll Love What You Wear!

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