Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

With any luck your "sunshine" won't turn out like this!
Everyone remembers singing "You Are My Sunshine" when they were kids. It was originally recorded in 1939 by the Pine Ridge Boys and has been recorded by many others through the years. Our ideas about sun have changed as many times as the recording artists singing this song . If you were born in 1939 you heard a different story about the sun than you did if you were born in 1999 (didn't Prince sing a song about that year?).

Enter the age of self tanners, tanning booths and spray tanning. What to do when you're a white whitey and want some color, especially when headed to a beach vacation? As I write this I have lots of color from an air brush tanning session. It's amazing how color can change the way you look. I also have to admit there is an orange hue to it but I have high hopes it will settle into a nice looking tan. The airbrush method beats the booth spray tan by miles- it's much more exacting and doesn't have any drip lines. I do believe airbrush spray tanning IS my sunshine of choice. Now I have to remember that I don't really have a tan and apply LOTS of sunscreen when out in the real sun!

Before you decide your choice of "sunshine" ask friends what they've done in the past to emulate that sun kissed look ala Jennifer Anniston not George Hamilton! The most important thing is to stay out of the real sunshine so as not to look like the handbag on your arm. A little color can definitely help you Love What You Wear !

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