Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These Boots are Made for Walking

We all know the Nancy Sinatra hit single from 1966, "These Boots are Made for Walking". If there's anything I love it's a great pair of boots and if they're made for (comfortable) walking then it's practically a dream come true.
These can help your boots
 and jeans be made for walking!

Once you have a pair of boots that are stylish and made for walking, what happens when you tuck your jeans into your boots? Well, some boots are made for jean stuffing and some are not! If you have spent too many mornings working overtime trying to stuff your skinny jeans into your boots, only to find them bunching up as soon as you take a step, there just may be a solution. Enter the amazingly simple and astonishingly effective pant clip. They are a lot like sheet clips used to keep sheets in place on mattresses. There is nothing sexy or cool about these pant clips but they just may save you some time and frustration next time you want to take those boots walking without those pants bunching! When you "clip your pants" and don your boots you are much more likely to Love What You Wear!

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