Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Riahanna doesn't need an umbrella with this hairstyle
Sure Rihanna sings about her "Umbrella" but we Seattleites are living the Umbrella dream (or is that a nightmare?). But funny thing about umbrellas and Seattle- most people who live in Seattle don't carry one. It's easy to spot a recent transplant or visitor- it's the person carrying an umbrella!

So what does a seasoned Seattleite do to combat the rain in lieu of carrying an umbrella? Be the rain baby! Just as a good boy scout is always prepared so is a savvy fashionista. My philosophy is everyone should have a good rainy day hair plan. If you normally blow your hair dry to silky, straight perfection and find yourself out and about on a rainy day you'll find the perfection soon turns to perfectly frizzy! So, what if you worked with the rain instead of against it? Very zen don't you think?

Be armed with a curly or wavy hair look  and frizz defense hair products for those less than dry days. It will save you time, frustration, and the worry of carrying a silly old umbrella (umbrellas are SO California!). Be prepared and Love What You Wear- even your hair!

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