Sunday, April 24, 2011

Safety Dance

When Men Without Hats sang "Safety Dance" in the 80's they couldn't have imagined the safety dance we all do as we groove through airport security lines for the sake of all our safety. But wow, it sure does mess with our fashion!

Choosing an airport friendly outfit takes a lot of forethought when you consider that you'll be doing at least one safety dance on your journey. What shoes to wear that are easily taken on and off. And accessories? What a commitment! You've got to really love that necklace if you're going to commit to the on and off dance process. As I was doing the safety dance at a recent airport I was asked to take off my scarf- I mean heaven knows what I might have hidden in that thing! As I was taking it off I told the head dancer that I would never be able to replicate the fabulous scarf configuration currently hugging my chilly neck. That old dancer didn't even crack a smile, didn't even care about the perfect knot I'd created in the wee hours of the morning only to have it destroyed. Oh, well, I smiled for him and proceeded on with my fabulous safety moves. I will say, however, I was correct- I wasn't able to replicate my earlier master piece with as much scarf flair. Probably because I was too busy putting my shoes back on, making sure my precious iphone was still with me and of course making sure the kids were still in the dance party!

I'm grateful for the security provided at airports and I enjoy thinking about how to beat the safety dance with a great and safety resistant outfit- I still haven't perfected it. The next time you are suited up for an airport safety dance, just hum the tune and know those great accessories will be of better use later in your trip, then you'll really Love What You Wear!

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