Monday, April 11, 2011

Short Shorts

In 1958 a band named The Royal Teens asked the question "Who Wears short Shorts?" I've got to tell you I'm asking the same question in 2011! Who does wear short shorts? Do short people wear short shorts? Or are short shorts only for tall people? Can women over 40 wear short shorts or are they only for the young(er)?

Everyone knows politics and religion shouldn't be discussed at a party. I'm not so sure short shorts should be discussed either. It can be as divisive as an immigration law chat or an evolution dialogue. Yikes! Just to be clear I'm on the side of bermuda shorts after 40 and I much prefer fun summer dresses and skirts to any type of shorts. They're more comfortable, more feminine and usually more flattering. Lots of women can go an entire Seattle winter without even thinking of a dress or skirt- a summer frock can be quite liberating (and for the dress lover, quite exciting!)

I realize there is no right or wrong answer to the great short shorts debate. I would, however, suggest that those who love short shorts dabble in donning a stylish sporty or flirty dress this summer. You may find that the answer to "who wears short shorts" is "not me". When the warm temperatures finally get here, reach into your closet and take age and body type into consideration before deciding who wears short shorts. No matter what your decision make sure you Love What You Wear!

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