Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Of What's Around

Dave Matthews struck a chord in 2006 when he sang "Best of What's Around".  My mom always strikes a chord with her platitudes but especially when she espouses "necessity is the mother of invention"! It's like someone put chocolate in my fashion peanut butter- What if I take the best of what's around when necessity requires it?

Have you ever had to put an outfit together at the last minute with no time to go shopping? You just have to choose things from your own closet, drawers or bedroom floor (let's face it we're not all perfect mom!). I have put the coolest, most unexpected combinations together when I'm faced with necessity and have to work with the best of what's around. Sometimes the best of what's around isn't obvious- it might be that the dress without the cool necklace doesn't do much but when you put them together- what an invention!

The next time you're invited out with friends or to a special event and you feel the urge to go out and get something new for the occasion- think again. Take your cue from Dave and MaryAnn and invent something from the best of what's around. You'll surprise yourself (and your friends!) and You'll Love What You Wear!

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