Monday, February 21, 2011

If you like it put a scarf on it...or a necklace or a...

Never underestimate the power of a v-neck sweater. I mean never! Do you have one? Do you have two? If you're like me you have, well, uhm, quite a few. The v-neck is an apparel specimen to behold for so many reasons:
  1. The V elongates the neck and who doesn't want an elongated neck? Well YOU do even if you don't know it. It has a slimming effect and if you are big busted it will minimize that area too.
  2. It is a virtual canvas for personalizing your style and mood for the day. Layer it with a long sleeve tee or tank. Wear it with a long necklace, wear it with a short necklace. Wear it with a long silky scarf, wear it with a chunky scarf on a chilly day. One sweater can be worn in so many ways it's like having ten sweaters in one!
  3. It's a comfortable and warm choice for Seattleites and can be dressed up or down depending on what you "put on it". 
  4. It's affordable. Get your v-neck sweater at Target, Old Navy, a thrift or consignment store. Ratchet it up a monetary notch and head to a department store like Macy's. Go for cashmere at Nordstrom (might I say I've even see the cashmere variety at Costco- gasp!)
While Beyonce would "put a ring on it" you can put anything you want on it. Love the v-neck sweater you wear whatever you put on it!

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