Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love the Way You Lie

No one has to lie to Rihanna!
Rihanna and Eminem sing the hauntingly beautiful song "Love the Way You Lie". You may have someone in your life who says they love the way an outfit looks but perhaps your choice is really more haunting? There are many good reasons to tell someone a little white lie in an effort to save hurt feelings but we're not doing a friend any favors when we say, "oh, yeah, that looks great on you" when in fact it looks more ghoulish than great!

Many of you feel confident in your style and the choices you make. Some of you are more reluctant to trust your style instincts, or lack thereof. If your style confidence needs a second opinion, appoint a qualified friend for the job.

And, wait for it, here comes a Style Cents plug...if you can say, "I love the way you lie" to the fashion judge in your life it may be time for a Style Cents Wardrobe Analysis (click Menu of Services). It's a fun closet adventure and I guarantee you'll love the way you look not the way I lie and you'll certainly Love What you Wear!

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