Friday, March 18, 2011

Uptown Girl

Oh, I know. You're probably wondering why all the dated songs. It's not my fault Billy Joel was the one who happened to sing Uptown Girl decades ago. I mean if the shoe (or song fits) you gotta wear it (or write about it).

Now, the rest of the story:
This Uptown Girl looks great and you can too!
Check out the woman in this picture! While I understand we're not all 5'10" wearing a size 2  there is much to learn from the great outfit this Uptown Girl is wearing! Hmmm...she is kind of a Christie Brinkley look alike (sorry if I lost some of you young folk out there who may not know the original uptown girl).

Let's take it apart. First and foremost- what a jacket! It's fun with its cute ruffles and hits at the waist for a slimming effect. You gotta love the eclectic nature of the outfit- it's not "matchy, matchy"- No mix and match Garanimals here, just pure creativity! The contrasting colored shirt (a pattern would also be fun) makes the jacket and the shirt really show up with flair. Then add the black pants (khaki would be cute too) and the neutral shoe (black would also work) to the mix and voila- perfection!

You too can be an uptown girl- no matter what your size. Take a page from this model's portfolio and see what you can create. Or better yet let Style Cents help you out. Just make sure you Love What You Wear!

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