Sunday, March 13, 2011

Man In The Mirror

How would you like to see this man in the mirror?
Before Michael Jackson's untimely passing he sang about the Man In The Mirror. He said, "I'm gonna make a change for once in my life...". He was certainly talking about deeper endeavors than fashion, style and looking your best but let's face it there may be a man in your life that needs to be singing, "I'm gonna make a change...".

I took Style Cents on the road to a man's closet today. It was the first time I have "Style Cents'd" (yes it can be a verb) a man. I must admit I was a bit nervous. Analyzing the good, bad and the ugly in my husband's closet doesn't always end on a high note. To add even more intrepidation, it was his wife's idea to bring Style Cents into his closet. We went through jeans, pants, t-shirts, dress shirts, polos, etc. We didn't always agree on what should stay and what should go but we made solid decisions and this particular man is on his way to looking so much better and feeling better too. And his wife is definitely excited about the new Man in the Mirror!

And did I mention we had a pretty good time meandering through this man's closet? Whether you're a man or a woman I can help you Love What You Wear!

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