Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lost In My Mind

The boot that currently has me
"Lost In My Mind"
Ooh, I really love this song. "Lost In My Mind" was released this year by a Seattle band called The Head and The Heart. A great tune that's part of a very cool album- check it out.

There are so many ways I get lost in my mind. There's the really important things that find me mulling and there are the less serious things that get me thinking. As you might imagine I get lost in my mind thinking about my next great boot purchase. There's always room for another pair of boots in the closet (well, not really, but I'm always willing to make room). My husband often wonders why another pair? It's difficult for him to understand the many ways boots can be worn- with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses. Then there are the various types of jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses that add even further complication and, quite frankly, the NEED (okay, want) for more boots!

I have happily possessed many of the boots in my closet for years and they are still in high rotation. A good pair will last nearly a lifetime. If there's an area of your wardrobe where a splurge is in order it's for a quality pair of boots.

Get lost in your mind dwelling on your next boot find. Sport them all fall, winter and spring and You'll Love What You Wear!

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