Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Could this dress be at your
local consignment shop? Now that
would be something to celebrate!
You know it's on your mind. The season for celebrating is drawing near. Madonna, the queen of pop, released her song "Celebration" in 2009. The opening lyrics of "come join the party, let's get it started" are quite fitting for what YOU need to do- get your holiday dress shopping started, beat the crowds!

Is consignment shopping not your bag? Stop reading here. Do you enjoy a good consignment treasure? Read on:

If there is ever a good reason for consignment shopping, looking for a special occasion outfit is it. Think about it. Most people wear their "celebration dress" once or twice and then don't want to wear it again. So when you go to a consignment shop (or even thrift store) what you're looking at is practically new. You've just got to hope that the previous owner was a coordinated red wine drinker rather than the village party spiller.

So open your mind to consignment and thrift shopping this holiday season and you'll find you don't have to open your wallet so far! And let's face it, if you save money on the dress there just might be more money for those shoes you've been eyeing. Shoes are much more versatile than your celebration dress!

Think consignment and thrift for your next celebration and You'll Love What You Wear (and what you save)!

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