Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Brown and Beige

These black/brown combos
 are as well composed as a
Duke Ellington tune!
Well, what a handy song title. "Black Brown and Beige" was written by Duke Ellington in 1943. It refers to a very heavy subject. I, however, would like to discuss something not so heavy. When I'm not busy strategizing my world peace plan I ponder the age old question, "do black and brown really go together?"

The answer is a resounding YES! I believe the people who combine these two colors are the clever fashionistas among us. Those black boots can easily be mixed with brown elements in other parts of your outfit and vice versa. The less matchy, matchy your outfit the more interesting it is and shows your creativity.

That's right folks- dressing is a bit of an art form. You are a walking canvas so start painting and don't be afraid to mix your black, brown and beige. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

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