Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Love

This is the kind of love that
stands the test of time!

Don't hate me because I'm about to talk about a Pat Benatar song! Back in 1988 the song "One Love" was a vinyl release on Pat Benatar's "Wide Awake in Dreamland" album. Bear with me. Listen to this song! And while we're on the subject, what is your closet One Love? Okay, maybe not one love but the thing you can't live without? Is it your favorite boots, jacket, belt or scarf? Please don't say it's your sweats!

We all have that closet One Love, and we don't necessarily have to get rid of it, even if we've had it awhile. After all, long term relationships should be celebrated! What you should think about is how you can put a spin on your One Love item. If it's a jacket, perhaps it's time to roll up the sleeves if you haven't done that before or think of different tops or dresses to put beneath it. Have you worn it with a skirt in the past? Maybe that's just the combination needed to freshen things up. How about your favorite boots? Do you just wear them with jeans? I bet they'd look great with a dress that's hanging in your closet, perhaps making the dress more casual for a Seattle style date night?

Just like the one love in your life, the one love in your closet needs some attention and perhaps a new perspective. Think about it. Take care of your closet One Love and You'll Love What You Wear!

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