Monday, October 24, 2011


Stop horsing around-
Get to H&M for this tunic!
It was 1987 and all was right with the world. Many of us were safely tucked away on college campuses in that lovely "in-between" time of life when we had some responsibility but not too much! Oh, those were the days. But I digress. It was also the year Def Leppard released their single "Animal". The menagerie of animals present on clothing and accessories today is as prevalent as Def Leppard hits were in the 80's and 90's!

You just can't shop these days without hearing the faint hoot of an owl calling from the accessories department or the whinny of a horse coming from a rounder of blouses. I'm pretty sure you can almost always hear tigers and leopards roaring (do they roar?) no matter what year it is. Even the bark of dogs can be heard from a trendy top here and there. And everyone knows, when in doubt, put a bird on it!

So enjoy the fun of this fashion menagerie. I wouldn't suggest a closet full of these critters but why not go on the hunt for your favorite animal tunic, dress or top. It's fun, it's up-to-date and gosh darn it who doesn't love animals?

Get in on the animal fashion trend and You'll Love What You Wear!

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