Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something In The Way She Moves

James Taylor, one of my all time faves sang "Something In The Way She Moves" in 1973. Not only do I love JT but I love this song. I love it because it conjures up that woman you know who just seems to have it all. She's pretty and well dressed, in her own signature style, but above all she has confidence and charisma, the best accessories you can don!

I knew a woman who had all these things- Teisha. I didn't know her well. I did go on a fabulous week long vacation with her  and ten others when I was young and single in the 90's. We had the time of our lives. We all got to know Teisha's infectious laugh and amazing singing voice. Years later I bought my first home in Portland with my friend Rick and Teisha was our fabulous Real Estate agent. She was our counselor, our friend, our mentor and our driver! She was a delight- there was something in the way she moved. Rick and I looked forward to our drives through Portland with Teisha. It was kind of sad when we finally found our house and had to say goodbye to those drives.

She went on to start her own band and her beautiful voice was heard by many. She died last Thursday. But those who knew her fleetingly and those who knew her well will always remember there was just something in the way she moved.

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