Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Crazy dressing is for the stage!
Freddie Mercury wrote "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in 1979 and as you recall it was quite a big hit! You will also recall that Freddie Mercury was a bit of a crazy dresser/costumer! 

This idea of dressing crazy to the point of costuming brings up an important style note. Dressing with originality and flare is fantastic. Dressing as if you are going to a costume party dressed as a crazy person, well, not so much. I notice now and then (well, quite a bit really) that there are those among us who take the originality a bit too far. Oh, that sounds so mean and judgmental I know. My concern is when dressing turns into more of a costume approach it affects how people perceive you. The well presented person is usually the first to get the job, the first to find solid friendships and relationships and is often more respected. It's not really fair but as my momma told me, "life isn't fair". 

I'm not saying you should dress like a banker. A little crazy goes a long way but there's a point of diminishing returns on alotta crazy!

Dress with originality and fun in mind (and keep the crazy at bay) and You'll Love What You Wear!

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