Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Can't Smile without You

Oh, Barry Manilow. I remember the release of "I Can't Smile Without You" in 1977 like it was yesterday. I also remember spending all my allowance to get his Live album that same year. Oh, simpler times. It should also be noted that in 1977 I didn't have the need for lip gloss but nowadays I must admit I can't smile without my go-to lipgloss!

I was reminded today of my love for my favorite lip product. As I reached into my purse to apply my lipgloss on the fly I was horrified to find only a couple applications remaining! So, smiling may just be history for me unless I get to Nordstrom (or order online) stat and replenish my Laura Mercier violet gloss or as Laura calls it glace. Not only does this super duper lip gloss look great but it also moisturizes these 44 year old lips quite nicely! The holy grail of lip stuff to be sure.

What lip product makes you smile? Inquiring lips need to know!

I can't smile without my favorite lip gloss and it always fits- how convenient! The right lip gloss or stick can definitely help you Love What You Wear!

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