Friday, June 3, 2011

The Arms of an Angel

In 1997 Sarah Mclachlan released "In the Arms of an Angel", it was an immediate hit. The song was off her now famous"Surfacing" album. Perhaps it's time for you to bring some of your old bracelets to the surface and add some new ones as well.  Wear some arm candy and look like an angel!

Anthropologie has some beautiful bracelet options as do some less obvious places like thrift and consignment stores. Looking for some less expensive knock offs? Give Target and Old Navy a try. Mix and match your bracelets. Try pairing feminine styles with more rugged leather types. You can create your own angelic arm art!

Bracelets are a great option when your outfit doesn't make sense with a necklace- give your arm some bling instead. Whatever you choose make sure your arm decor reflects your angelic (or less than angelic) personality and you'll Love What You Wear!

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