Monday, June 6, 2011

Father of Mine

Could the Father in your
life look like this?
Whatever happened to Everclear anyway? Back in 1997 they released "Father of Mine". It was about the lead singer's father who left when he was a kid. But I'm going to just refer to the title and pretend it's a happy song. So with that in mind, what about that father of yours? Got any great ideas for father's day this year? Let's face it, buying a gift for the patriarch in your life is never an easy task. But wait, hold the presses, I have a fantastic idea!

Okay, okay, shameless Style Cents promotion once again! Get the father in your life something that fits, looks great on them and involves spending a few hours focused solely on him! What could be better? Style Cents has gift certificates for your dad, your husband, your son, your brother- all the fathers in your life! 

I have done a Style Cents Wardrobe Analysis with men in the past and not only did the men enjoy it and end up with great closets and style ideas, their wives were thrilled with the results too. So wonder no more about what to get that father of yours (or husband of yours). The old saying that "ain't nobody's happy if mama ain't happy" is actually true but there's nothing wrong with a stylish, confident daddy either. It's sure to make him happy and certainly will help him say, "I Love What I Wear"!

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