Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When a Man Loves a Woman

WARNING: Shameless Style Cents Plug

This Man Loves a Woman
and the Style Cents Mannequin!
Okay, with the warning out of the way let's chat about the oldie but goodie tune "When a Man Loves a Woman" sung so beautifully in 1966 by Percy Sledge. We all remember it and we all know lots of men love "their woman". From my post at Style Cents I've also noticed that when a man loves a woman he can get nervous about the money she spends on clothes!

Well, many of you may be wondering how could said woman cut back on her clothing budget? And if she did would her man love her more? I can answer the first question, the second is for another professional.

I have had more than one man comment about how much money has been saved when their bride chooses to get a Style Cents Wardrobe Analysis. How can this be you ask? It is amazing what can happen when a knowledgable third party- Style Cents- comes in to your closet and finds what needs to go and what should stay. When that process is over fabulous clothing combinations are created with the remaining pieces and pure magic happens. One aspect of the magic is you now have less but you have SO much more to wear. Clutter is reduced and style is increased. Told ya it was magic! And Style Cents leaves you with a targeted shopping list so that when you do choose to invest in your wardrobe you are focused and spend your time and money wisely.

So, really the moral of the story is When a Man Loves a Woman he purchases a Style Cents Wardrobe Analysis for her (it should be noted sometimes the man needs a nudge from the woman he loves to do this). When you get your Style Cents Wardrobe Analysis you will most certainly Love What You Wear!

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