Monday, May 23, 2011

Use Me

You may not recall the soulful Bill Withers tune from 1972 called "Use Me" (you would if you heard it- google it!)  but you can still heed this singer's advice. When you look around your home, in your closets and drawers there are many secret treasures lurking, just screaming, "USE ME"!

This ring would definitely scream
"use me" from your mom's jewelry box
Perhaps an old leather jacket that hasn't seen the light of day since 1982 has another life left in it? Does the bracelet your mom gave you for your birthday decades ago now make sense again? Certainly your grandma's necklace will add charm to your outfit du jour! All these lost treasures give your look personality and individuality. But be careful with jewelry and clothing from the past, you'll almost always want to pair them with modern, perhaps even trendy pieces. This will ensure your look is not dated but funky and fun!

Go ahead...I dare you...dig something fun out of your closet, your mom's closet, your husband's closet, or a  local thrift store. Add some originality to your look by listening to the faint "use me" coming from the attic and you'll Love What you Wear!

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