Monday, May 16, 2011

Forever in Blue Jeans

You knew it was coming. A song about jeans sung by one of the greatest (and cheesiest) artists of our time? Yep. Done. Neil Diamond had it right when he sang about being "Forever in Blue Jeans". It is, after all, a viable option today with all the cool styles available.
Got Jeans?

Jeans are the cornerstone of most anyone's wardrobe, especially if you live in Seattle. The idea that jeans are just to be casual is a bit dated. If you wear a pair of dark wash jeans with a dressy top and great heels or boots you may be forever remembered by your date (in a good way, of course)! You could wake up the next day and head to your son's soccer game or your niece's t-ball tournament and sport skinny jeans with cool rain boots (it is Seattle!) and a hip rain jacket. Once you come home and dry off those skinny jeans you can pair them with a dressy platform and a trendy lace top and be out for yet another date! Most people can even wear jeans to work. There has never been a time when so many jean styles are readily accessible. And there is a perfect style (or two, or three) for you! Experiment- don't get caught in a rut. Try the skinny jean- REALLY! You might be surprised. And the boyfriend jean with the bottoms rolled up once or twice- hello spring! The classic straight leg trouser jean- understated sexy! Buy them for a little, buy them for a lot. Buy them new or let someone else wear them in and pick them up at a consignment shop or thrift store.

It's 2011 people and there's never been a better time to be forever in blue jeans! When you have a selection of perfect fitting, stylish jeans in your wardrobe you'll definitely Love What You Wear!

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