Friday, June 22, 2012

What Makes You Beautiful

Be prepared to
feel beautiful at
summer soirees!
Don't hate me because I like the boy band (One Direction), poppity-pop song What Makes You Beautiful. Admit it, it is kind of a catchy tune, complete with cheesy video. Oh, but whatever makes you beautiful is not cheesy at all my friends.

What makes you feel beautiful? Most of us have a favorite outfit, piece of jewelry, cool shoes or combination that makes us feel confident, if not beautiful. So find that combo in your closet or treat yourself to something new. Create a few go-to outfits for your upcoming summer soirees. Carve an hour out of your day to really look at what you have and how you can mix and mingle things in a new way. Group these summer ensembles together so when you're running out of time before going out you have something you know you'll feel good in. Wearing something that gives you confidence makes you feel beautiful- Love What You Wear!

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