Monday, April 30, 2012

Thin Layer

The look and feel of an outfit can change dramatically
with layering and different shoe and hosiery choices!
In 2007, The Honorary Title released the tune Thin Layer. It's kinda catchy and worth a listen. These days with the Pacific Northwest weather being anything but predictable, a few thin layers are definitely required. The good news is that layering is both functional and aesthetically  pleasing- love when you can kill two birds with one stylish stone!

Let's set the scene: you wake up Monday morning, it's cloudy and cool, looks like it will probably rain. Based on history you know by the time you come home from work, running errands or your appointment there's a high probability that the sun will be shining and it will be an entirely different Seattle day.

A good fashionista is always prepared so arm yourself for the day. Whatever bottom you choose- jeans, skirt with tights, khaki's, dress pants etc. you can layer your top half. Choose a tank or cami for your first layer, a light wool cardigan for your second layer, a light jacket (denim jacket or blazer) next and finally a scarf. You can even add a coat or vest on top of that. When you get to your indoor destination the coat/vest can be taken off, perhaps the scarf, if you're too warm. But you are set for the day no matter what the weather brings. Admittedly, you aren't prepared for rain in this scenario but that's what umbrellas are for, right?

This formula works when attending an outside event or heading somewhere indoors. Play with the components to make it your own and layer with confidence. When you do you'll Love What You Wear!

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