Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby, I Love Your Way

Oh, man, can you remember how hot you thought Peter Frampton was? Oh, maybe that was just me? He released "Baby, I Love Your Way" in 1975 and Big Mountain re-released it, reggae style, in 1994. We all know people that just have a way you've gotta love.

I take this break from our regularly scheduled fashion programming for an ode to my husband:
For eight months my hardworking, fortitude filled super-employable partner swam upstream to find a job. A guy you would never believe could be unemployed. Well connected, well spoken, well educated and well mannered. Well, luck wasn't on his side for the first time in his life. So what did he do? He called everyone he knew, people he didn't know, and was eternally patient- not even his strong suit. He worked hard, took advantage of time with his family and kept a phenomenally, sometimes irritatingly so, positive attitude.

There are just some people who have a way. A way of always keeping on, and with a smile. Voicing frustration but not letting it get to their core. Today the man with "the way" was offered a job that he is very excited about and all I can think is "baby, I love your way". I sure wish my way was more like his way. I could use some of that way!

I put some pretty good interview outfits together for my husband over these eight months- never underestimate the power of clothing and a kick ass "way". Oh, husband of mine, I love your way, and when you follow my detailed clothing instructions I Love What You Wear :)

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